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There are some web places which have got free useful article about image processing.

I wanna list some of them here:



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Everyone who is academically familiar with the image processing techniques and implementation of algorithms in this field, may be familiar with popular image processing photos, like “Lenna”, the “Cameraman“, the “Crowd” … too.

I often think about the personality of the owner of this portraits while applying my algorithms on them. Tonight, I find out that I am not the only one who is curious about it.

– – –

This is the biography of “Lenna”, the miss beauty of the image processing world, with her calm, pretty, beautified feature.

The mentioned photo is part of an pornographic photo belong to Play.Boy magazine. I think it has been amazing for old Lenna to know how her photo is widely used in an unrelated job!

– – –

Here is a poem called “Sonnet for Lenna”, a nice comic poem:


O dear Lena, your beauty is so vast
It is hard sometimes to describe it fast.
I thought the entire world I would impress
If only your portrait I could compress.
Alas! First when I tried to use VQ
I found that your cheeks belong to only you.
Your silky hair contains a thousand lines
Hard to match with sums of discrete cosines.
And for your lips, sensual and tactual
Thirteen Crays found not the proper fractal.
And while these setbacks are all quite severe
I might have fixed them with hacks here or there
But when filters took sparkle from your eyes
I said, “F..k this shit. I’ll just digitize.”

by Thomas C

– – –



Here you can find more about it:

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Hello world!

Hello everybody!

The purposes of this blog are:

  1. Improve my knowledge in field of image processing
  2. Promote my interest in this field!
  3. Share my experiences about I.S
  4. Improve my English writing!


Thanks for your care


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